Policy & Analysis

Policy Analysis Unit

PAU provide supplemental, contextual analysis and scrutiny on key policy issues from MDAs for the information and use of the President and the Cabinet. This will ensure that deliberations and policy decisions taken by the President and the Cabinet are informed, and that information reaching the executive level is of an appropriate standard and has been consulted with relevant stakeholders in advance. Furthermore, the unit will ensure that briefs and important information are collated, prepared and presented to the President on a regular basis reflecting developments in the state of the macro economy and the performance of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (including SOEs) against their long-term objectives.


Policy Formulation and Validation Workshops
Recently the PAU has been involved in policy support, both bilaterally, through committees and in validation workshops, of the following: Regional Integration Policy (MOTIE), the revised Tourism Policy (MOTC), the new National Health Policy (MOH), Civil Service Performance Management Policy (PMO), the National Defense Policy (MOD), the National Cooperative Development Policy (MOA), Ministry of Petroleum Strategic Plan (MOPE), the National Seed Policy (MOA), and the Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Strategy (FIU). Two staff has also been appointed OP Focal Persons for Climate Change to collaborate with MECCNAR.
Policy Repository and Updating
A key component of PAU’s mandate as outlined in the DSPD Concept Note is to have a repository of all government policies. We have compiled and summarized all Government sector policies into an annual Compendium to serve as a reference document for ministries and development partners, but also to avoid gaps and overlaps in the national policy framework. The Compendium is to be printed and shared across Government, and later on to be made publicly available online.
Policy Forum
he Policy Analysis Unit launched the first Edition of an annual Policy Forum in July 2021 to bridge the gap between research and policy. This Policy Forum brought together researchers and policy makers to promote evidence-based policy. The forum allowed key stakeholders to discuss research on policy implications and how findings can feed into future policy formulation. Six papers in the areas of Economics, Health, Education and Agriculture were presented in concurrent session on the day of the forum.
Policy Note
A Policy Note on Investment Incentives was finalized in November and sent to all stakeholders, with the aim of feeding into the GIEPA Act Review 2020. The Unit has also recently completed a Policy Note on Road Safety and a Focus Note on the standardization of Project Coordinating Units.