Overview of PACD

Programme for Accelerated Community Development (PACD)

BackgroundThe Programme for Accelerated Community Development (PACD) is an articulation of four development priorities identified by H.E. the President of the Republic of The Gambia. It seeks to address persistent and serious disparities between urban and rural communities by providing safe drinking water, access to roads, energy and labor-saving equipment for post-harvest handling and exotic livestock breeds for milk production to rural communities. The PACD is supporting the achievement of the Global Sustainable Development Goals and contributing towards the COVID-19 recovery efforts. (1) Rural water supply (2) Rural electrification (3) Rural access roads (4) Food Security: It is important to note that the food security component is divided in to two sub-components and these are (i) Labour saving devices and post-harvest processing equipment (ii) Exotic livestock breeds for milk production. (5) Sustainability of project assets and services. The Project was signed on 13 April 2020 but officially launched on 15 October 2021 due to delay caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

PACD Objective

The aim of PACD is to contribute to the amelioration of living conditions of people in the rural areas through improving sustainable access to basic socio-economic infrastructure and services, and the creation of a local economy for sustained and improved socio-economic development, social justice and equality. The Gambia Programme Accelerated Community Development (PACD) Goals : Rural Roads Network Rural Portable Water, Rural Electrification, Labor Saving Devices and Life Stock, Project Sustainability

PACD Goals


The overall analysis of the components of PACD and its areas of intervention show direct linkages with almost all the SDGs