Delivery Unit

The Delivery Unit will provide a ‘delivery’ function to ensure that the President’s agenda is properly articulated, planned and implemented, by relevant MDAs. The unit will work closely with MDAs to agree on timelines and key milestones for delivering on priority projects and/or reforms while working closely to ensure that these are implemented. This will be through coordinating across government and partner agencies if necessary and unblocking any obstacles through using the authority of the Office of the President. Progress will be regularly reported back to the President and senior officials.


The Unit’s mandate is to: • Provide delivery function to ensure the President’s agenda is properly articulated and implemented through relevant MDAs • Track and monitor implementation of MDAs priority projects, reforms, cabinet conclusions and report progress to the Executive on a regular basis • Help unblock obstacles in the implementation projects, reforms and other Government initiatives through the Executive
Main activities
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Currently, the Unit’s main activities are: 1. Coordinating the implementation of Programme for Accelerated Community Development (PACD) 2. Coordinating the implementation of the US State Department’s Annual Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Reports recommendations for The Gambia I hope the first activity which is the PACD you have enough information. The second activity
Implementing the plan of action
This plan of action is a set of activities and measures with clear timelines that all stakeholders commit themselves to implement in order to address human trafficking intervention gaps as set out in the report. Delivery Unit monitors the implementation of this plan of action and reports progress to the Office of the Secretary General during the then weekly briefings. The implementation of some of the activities and measures in this plan of action resulted in the improvement of the country’s ranking to tier 2 watch list in the 2020 TIP report. This ranking means the Government of The Gambia does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking but is making significant efforts to do so. As a result of this improvement in ranking, The Gambia was re-selected for MCC Threshold Program in December 2020 and consultations for re-launch of Compact Development started in May/June 2021. In the 2021 TIP report, the country remains on tier 2 watch list with the risk of sliding back to tier 3 in the next reporting period because it cannot remain on tier 2 watch list for more than two years.
National Taskforce on TIP
This taskforce is composed of NAATIP, OP, Gambia Immigration Department (GID, Gambia Police Force (GPF), International Organisation for Migration (IOM), Department of Social Welfare (DSW), Bakoteh Shelter, Gambia Tourism Board (GTBoard), Network of Girls Against Human Trafficking (NoGAHT), Institute for Social Reformation Action (ISRA), Child Environment and Development Association (CEDA), GAMCOTRAP, Ministry of Interior (MoI), Child Welfare Unit, Ministry of Justice (MoJ), Centre for Street Children and Child Trafficking Studies (CSCCTS), Child Protection Alliance (CPA), Network Against Gender Based Violence (NGBV), Ministry Gender, Children and Social Welfare (Directorate of Children’s Affairs), Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) and the Department of Labour. The mandate of the taskforce is to provide strategic guidance on TIP, monitor implementation of the national TIP action plan and to coordinate efforts to combat trafficking in persons in The Gambia. DSPD Delivery Unit represents Office of the President (OP) in this taskforce. The taskforce meets once every quarter.