Agenda 2030


SDG Mainstreaming Advocay and Policy Support.

A United Nations MAPS (SDG Mainstreaming Advocacy and Policy Support) mission to The Gambia conducted in October 2017 developed a road map for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals through the National Development Plan and made some key recommendations to enable the country to implement the road map. The recommendation areas follows:

Based on its functions and mandate, the Department of Strategic Policy and Delivery will play a central role in the implementation of these recommendations. They align with the objectives of the Department as detailed above and with the Scope of Work in the following section.

The first recommendation on ensuring policy coherence is the core mandate of the policy unit, the second recommendation on setting targets and monitoring progress on their realization is the primary function of the delivery unit and the third and fourth recommendations on improving linkages across sectors and policy areas are core functions of the policy unit shared with the coordination unit.